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Dr. Hao Chen

Fellow in the project „Epochal Life Worlds: Man, Nature and Technology in Narratives of Crisis and Change“ (mid-June - mid-July 2023)

Short Biography

Hao Chen was educated at Peking University (B.H., 2005. Ph.D., 2011), and is now a faculty member at the Department of History of Science, Technology and Medicine at Peking University. In terms of research, he seeks to put categories like medical identities, diseases and illnesses, body and environment to the linguistical and historical context of East Asia with trans-linguistical and historical analysis. In the recent years, Hao Chen focuses on the fluidity and non-lineage connections between the human body and animal body, society and environment, the local and the global in our current age of uncertainty and crisis.


Non-human Animals in a Human Pandemic: Entangled Histories

This project will use COVID-19 to demonstrate the fluid, non-linear, and interactive associations intertwining human and non-human animals, body and landscape, local and global ecology in the process of the pandemic. Recognizing the associations, hopefully, will make us to go through this pandemic in a different way, in which non-human animals and the ecological system can recover along with us.