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Allgemeine Bedingungen und Richtlinien

  1. Fellows are required to commit a maximum of their time to the fellowship research project during their award period. 
  2. Fellows are expected to be present at the Center at least three days a week and take part in the Center’s activities and academic exchange, and present their work at least once during their fellowship.
  3. Central to our program is our multidisciplinary digital workshop series “Digital dialogues” and/or the Annual Conference in which (previous) fellows and alumni are required to participate as presenters or/and discussants. 
  4. In terms of financial compensation, fellows are required to adhere to the policy of no gain, no loss.
  5. As part of the Center’s network, alumni fellows are invited to participate in the Center’s community. 
  6. Fellows are required to submit a report to the Center within two months of completion of their fellowship. A summary of this report will appear on the Center’s website. 
  7. Fellows must acknowledge funding by the Center in any related research output.