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Report on the Workshop „Navigating the Field with Jing Y.”

Workshop on October 4, 2023, at the University of Würzburg.

News vom 26.10.2023

The socially engaged and political artist Jing Y., with whom the researchers of the Worldmaking project have been in close dialog since the translation of her book "Kindemic: Worlds and Words of Migrant Worker Women" into German last year, visited the University of Würzburg to give a workshop on navigating increasing political pressure in her work with marginalized and vulnerable groups in mainland China.

In the first part of the workshop Jing Y. shared how recent developments have influenced the relationships between her and her collaborators as well as how she has had to readjusts her approach for every project. Her first-hand impressions from her work with migrant worker and their children demonstrated how creating a safe space and navigating one’s own responsibility and the projects goal are essential, also for us as researchers of the social sciences. It further showed the delicate relationship between the facilitator and participant of projects deconstructing mainstream narratives of the public discourse in China.

In the second half of the workshop all in person participants took a walk along the Hubland. Here Jing Y. shared a first glimpse into the upcoming book. It will collect texts by people born after 97 and investigate the question on how internet censorship, philosophy self help books and their call for “don’t judge”, and the economic development of China all contributed to young people’s political or often a-political position.

12 students and researchers from University of Würzburg, Heidelberg, Copenhagen and Bayreuth participated in the hybrid format.

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