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Jonas Fahlbusch

Jonas Fahlbusch

Fellow in the project "Social Worlds: China's Cities as Spaces of Worldmaking"

Short Biography

Jonas Fahlbusch graduated with a dual Master’s degree in Urban Design and Architecture from TU Berlin and Tongji University. Jonas has gained many practical and research experience in the field of sustainable urban development in Germany and China during his work for GIZ in Beijing, Gerber Architects in Shanghai, Wuppertal Institute (“Low-Carbon Future Cities” project) or DSK. He is currently working as a research assistant and PhD candidate at TU Berlin (Work Studies, Technology & Participation) in the field of participatory urban development and urban mobility.


Digital participation in city-making: Examine webbased tools for citizen involvement in Taiwan

In Taiwan’s urban development, digital tools are integrated in a wide range of formal or informal participation processes. The scope ranges from the clarification of small-scale planning issues to the conceptualization of large-scale masterplans. The proposed two-months research stay in Taiwan examines the use of three different participation tools for decision making in urban development, the national-level platform VTaiwan, the Taipei-city Ivoting tool, and the legislative-focused JOIN. Qualitative and quantitative research methods are used to identify how and to which extend can online deliberation and voting effect the physical and social transformation of cities.