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Taiwan Lecture Series "Sinophone Filmmaking: Identity and Environment", April - July 2023

Apr 26, 2023 - Jul 26, 2023

A Lecture Series with Winnie L. M. YEE (University of Hong Kong)


Biweekly DIGITAL Class Sessions (with Winnie Yee): Wednesdays 11.15 am – 12.45 pm, beginning on April 26, 2023

Biweekly Screening Sessions (ON SITE): Wednesdays 6.00 pm, beginning on May 3, 2023


This year’s Taiwan Lecture series will engage Professor Winnie Yee from the University of Hong Kong in a discussion on Sinophone Filmmaking. Winnie Yee was 2022 Worldmaking fellow at the project Social Worlds: China's Cities as Spaces of Worldmaking in Würzburg.

The course will focus on how documentary films popularize the concept of the Anthropocene and its emphasis on the planetary conditions circumscribing human societies and systems in Taiwan in the contemporary era. It will examine the intersections between films and ecology and will apply tools of ecocritical media studies to investigate representations of the relationships between humans and the natural world. It will cover mainly documentaries in this course and contextualize the topics within the evolving history of environmental and sociopolitical movements in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Students can expect to gain a broader understanding of and appreciation for the cinematic depictions of nature and non-human worlds in Taiwan and Hong Kong. They will also be familiarized with how moving images mediate our relationship to environment in rhetorical, aesthetical and perceptual ways. Read more about the lecture series

Winnie L. M. Yee is a Senior Lecturer of Comparative Literature and program coordinator of the MA Program in Literary and Cultural Studies at the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests are ecocriticism, contemporary Chinese literature and film, Hong Kong culture, and independent cinema. She has been a fellow at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society at Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich and the Joint Center “Worldmaking”.

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If you are interested in participating, please contact barbara.mittler[at]zo.uni-heidelberg.de.