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Digital Workshop Series "Digital Dialogues 數字對話" #16 China’s ecology: Discourses and policies on food and waste

Jan 31, 2024 | 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
Ceren Ergenç

Ceren Ergenç

Franziska Fröhlich

Franziska Fröhlich

As part of the Digital Workshop Series "Digital Dialogues 數字對話", researchers will discuss various aspects and questions of the joint project.

China’s ecology: Discourses and policies on food and waste

China is a major factor in global ecological debates ranging from climate change to waste management. Even the dietary preferences of Chinese consumers are said to have decisive impacts on questions of global reach such as food security, water and land resources as well as climate impacts. Yet relatively little is known abroad on how these issues are discussed within China or how the environmental policies implemented by the Chinese government are received by its own citizens. This digital dialogue will explore these issues and demonstrate the diversity of discourses and policy responses in the field of Chinese ecology.

The Speakers:

Ceren Ergenc is a research fellow at the Center for European Policy Studies and an affiliated researcher at the East Asian Studies and Research Centre, Autonomous University of Barcelona. She holds a PhD in political science from Boston University. Her research interests include public policy analysis, local governance, participatory governance, and urban politics in contemporary China and East Asia. Her research has appeared in venues such as Antipode, Territory, Politics, Governance, Asia Europe Journal, and the Chinese Journal of Political Science.

Franziska Fröhlich is a postdoctoral fellow of the Lise Meitner Research Group "China in the Global System of Science" at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, where she looks at science communication and the popular understanding of science in China. She studied Indian Studies and Chinese Studies at Würzburg University, and obtained her PhD in Chinese Studies from there in 2022. She is currently working on her first book Green Eating and Ecological Risk in China in which she examines discourses about the greening of food consumption against the backdrop of mounting ecological risks, and explores both the authoritarian government’s push towards eco-civilization as well as alternative, civil society approaches to building a more sustainable food system. She worked as a lecturer at the University of Würzburg and conducted research as senior advanced scholar at Fudan University's School of Social Development and Public Policy.

Moderator: Björn Alpermann, Würzburg University

The event will be recorded and made available on our website afterwards.


A recording of this event is available via the link below: