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Workshop CREATIO—The End as the Beginning: Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

May 21, 2022
CREATIO Workshop

CREATIO Workshop

Together with the Junge Kantorei and the Academy for Future, the Heidelberg project team of “Epochal Life Worlds” is organizing an interdisciplinary project on the theme of creation which is addressed at a larger public. The workshop entitled “Creatio—The End as the Beginning: Global and Interdisciplinary Perspectives” is the first of a series of events which aim to bring together scholars from various disciplines, climate activists, professional musicians, and youth groups in order to rethink crises and transformations as an interplay of destruction and creation, end and beginning. During the workshop, researchers from the humanities and natural sciences and activists from Fridays for Future tackle this intricate relationship from various angles. The concert series from June to December will then offer further impulses. Under the guiding themes “Confrontative”, “Contemplative” and “Complementary,” the professional musicians actively involve different youth groups in the reinterpretation of works such as Haydn’s “Creation” and Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” under contemporary perspectives. They search for new ways of engaging with these pieces and, through the act of musical performance and intervention, with pressing contemporary challenges and threats, such as the climate crisis or the pandemic. Read the workshop program

Workshop Language: German


Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Raum 212
Voßstraße 2, Building 4400
69115 Heidelberg Germany

The event will be streamed. For registration and access information, please contact Emily Tsui at emily.tsui[at]stud.uni-heidelberg.de.


People interested in this event can find the recordings on Youtube.