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1. Personal Data

Personal data are any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. This includes information such as your name, age, mailing or IP address, telephone number, date of birth, email address, and user behavior. Information that does not allow us to identify you (or would only enable us to do so with disproportionate effort) because the information is anonymized, for example, is not considered personal data.

The processing of personal data (for example, when said data are collected, retrieved, used, stored, or transmitted) must always have a legal basis and/or be based on your consent. Processed personal data are erased as soon as the purpose for which they are processed has been achieved, provided that the legally stipulated storage periods no longer apply. Such processed personal data are collected, used, and stored electronically by Freie Universität Berlin.

Insofar as we process your personal data in order to provide you with specific services, we provide information below on the specific processes involved, the scope and the purpose of the data processing, the legal basis for processing, and the respective storage periods.

These personal data are not disclosed to third parties nor used outside of Freie Universität Berlin, unless you have granted us your consent to do so or we are required or authorized by law to do so (for example, in relation to law enforcement or suspected plagiarism and other copyright infringements).